In 1901 After Eugenio Biagini had been injured at sea and left with just one leg, his wife convinced him to open a seafood snack bar where sailors could come in, have a snack and socialize.


The idea was sucessful, the menu expanded ,and the Buonamico became a trattoria where guests included Agnelli, Lorenzo Viani, Moses Levy, Enrico Pea and many more as well as in the last war the heroes of the “Orsa Maggiore” who had a secret base in the pinewood at the Bocca di Serchio would come to Buonamico for a luxury meal.


Today Buonamico is the oldest local trattoria in Versilia, offering fine dining.


We hope you enjoy and appreciate our cuisine and the warm atmosphere, hoping you come back and become our Buonamico ! (good friend).